Blackhead Deep Cleansing Mask
Blackhead Deep Cleansing Mask

Blackhead Deep Cleansing Mask

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This perfect multi-purpose skin mask is amazing for deep cleansing, removing blackheads & whiteheads, shrinking pores, acne treatment, smooth skin, and more!

Use product in the morning and night use —

  1. apply desired amount onto toned skin ;
  2. rub into skin using upward gentle motions.
  3. use twice a day 
  • Aloe vera, Sodium lactate, Portulaca extract, Dipotassium, Charcoal, Hyaluronic acid
Suitable skin: 
  • All kind of skin
  • Deep cleansing
  • Remove's blackhead
  • Acne treatment
  • Shrinking pores
The dilation of pores weakens your skin and reduces its elasticity. Our Blackhead Skin Cream will allow you to take care of your skin by rebalancing the production of sebum from the sebaceous glands and by rehydrating your skin.

The regular use of our Blackhead Skin Cream will allow you to eliminate the excessive production of sebum and will balance the natural hydration of your skin, so your skin will be less oily and smoother.
How to use:
1. Apply a thin layer on nose
2. Cover the paper
3. Wait for 5-10 minutes (dry out), peel it off

Warm tips: If it is frozen, please put it into hot water, and wait 10-20 minutes, then it will become liquid for you apply.


Customer Reviews

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Fatima Koepp

M A R A V I L H O S O. Funciona super bem e recomendo muitooooo. sempre tive problemas com cravos e sofria pra tirar... o produto tira rápido e indolor. amei! mas a educação do vendedor precisa melhorar no atendimento

Celestine Collins

Excellent for pulling cravos!

Iva Kuhlman

Thank you very much to the seller for the quality goods. But for a very long time. the shelf life is up to 2024. About quality check and unsubscribe. The seller was not honest.

Maryse Smith


Erika Tillman

The cream works effectively. Can buy. Order came to Mogilev (Belarus) for 31 days