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Weight Loss Cream
Weight Loss Cream

Weight Loss Cream

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1.This product contains natural plant ingredients and firming skin ingredients. It is safe, gentle and non-irritating. It can quickly penetrate into the deep layers of the body.
2.It has a slight heating effect. It can burn fat, crush the fat layer in the body, and convert large cellulite into small cells. The fat particles speed up the metabolism, excreted with the metabolism, and can inhibit the production of fat.
3.In the process of removing fat, it can tighten the skin, prevent sagging and sagging skin, lift the skin, eliminate cellulite, and make the skin smooth and delicate.
4.During exercise, it can speed up metabolism and blood circulation, thereby speeding up the discharge of fat, and achieving maximum sweating and fat metabolism.
5.It has a good sculpting effect on the waist, legs, arms and abdomen, helping to shape a beautiful and charming figure. And can nourish the skin, make it smooth and tender. No need to diet, take medicine or surgery, safe and effective slimming and shaping.

Step 1:Apply the cream to the area of the body that you want to improve and activate the cream with a massage
Step 2:Apply the cream to the area of the body that you want to improve, After massage, cover the area with a plastic wrap and leave it at least for 30- 50 minutes.


Fast absorption of weight loss factors
cherry blossom extract can shrink pores and increase skin elasticity and firm skin
Break down the sugar absorbed Into the body and excrete it out of the body, thereby preventing it from forming fat and accumalating in the body.
Promote the body's metabolism, accelerate the rate of fat consumptono and help the body consume Baturated fat.


Before exercise, apply an ample amount of slimming cream topical gel to the skin,coating all desired areas with massaging.
The cream is activated by your elevated heart rate and works best during cardio, circuit, and high interval training.


If you insist on using it
Lift The Breast Skin
Tighten Abdominal Skin
Tighten The Skin Of The Buttocks
Note: If you massage your skin, you will feel a warm feeling. This is normal. The warm feeling may last for several hours. Please don't be nervous, it is safe.Because it is working.


NET WEIGHT : 60g/2.11FL.OZ.
MAIN INGREDIENTS : Butyrospermum parkii(shea) butter, prunus yedoensis leaf extract, ceramide np,nicotinamide
ADVANTAGE: Help firm and tighten your skin accelerating the fat burning accumulated under your skin inhibiting the fat production by enhancing body's metabolism and blood circulation. During exercise, this cream can maximize sweating and fat metabolism.

CRUS:Massage from the ankle to the knee, Where there are muscles,you can use kneadingtechniqucs to massage
THIGH:Spiral massage from the knee to the root of the thigh, both inside and outside need to be massaged
ARM:Massage from the elbow . joint to the armpit with even force on the hands
WAIST:Massage from the waist to the belly button to pinch the fat on the waist to stimulate fat burning
ABDOMEN:Massage the abdomen in circular motions in a clockwise direction
The above massage technique is a set of three times. It is recommended to do more than two sets at a time until it is absorbed. You can choose to wrap the plastic wrap after the massage is completed and take it off in 10-15 minutes.
Note: Because everyone's physique is different, the effect of use varies from person to person. It is recommended to stick to massage every day for better effect with exercise